31 August 2012

Suplex Sketch Practice

This was originally an abandoned sketch in my sketchbook that I did to just play around with showing weight. But while I was visiting my friends Tracy MacLauchlan and Yesenia Carrero in Kansas City last month, they had really liked the original sketch and had some good suggestions on how to strengthen the pose.

So I scanned the original drawing into the computer and made a new sketch over it in Photoshop. This is the new sketch, putting in Jess and Tracy's suggestions. The major differences are in Cain's pose and their expressions, to make Cain look more surprised and Rori more aggressive. It was pretty fun!

Rori is like an ant. She can pick up more than her weight. The problem is that she's pretty short, so picking up something much larger than herself can be awkward in of itself.

This was the original sketch. Jess and Tracy had a good point when they suggested pushing Cain's pose and both of their expressions.

Sometimes it's just fun to play around with posing and weight, especially with characters that have such drastic size differences like Cain and Rori's.


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