17 September 2012

Cain Poster Development

While preparing for Anime Festival Orlando 2012, I made posters for Fate Saga's main cast. Of course, this would include our main hero, Cain Strata.

My biggest issue with Cain's composition was figuring out a cool knightly pose that made use of his sword and also looked dynamic. I spent some time looking for poses to reference, and the one I used the most was from a DeviantART user called Senshi Stock. The image I used is included in the first sketch draft, but I referenced this image throughout the whole sketching process.

At first, I wanted the sketch to look more like a swing, so I tried twisting his torso a bit. However, I didn't like how it came out and tried again.

This was the second attempt at Cain's pose. This was closer to what I was looking for, but I felt that Cain's attention was too off-screen. I wanted to make Cain look more towards the viewer, so I tried again, working with the same general pose but just tilting him more towards us.

Getting warmer! I liked the angle of his face and pose, now, but he still looked too rigid while standing straight.

So I tilted him back and repositioned his hips to give him more motion.
When I inked Cain in Photoshop, I opted not to ink the sword, and instead I added it in Illustrator with the pen tool.

Lines vectorized in Illustrator, sword and flat colors added.

Highlights, shadows and more orange bubbly things in the background.

Here, I added linen texture, a small dark gradient behind the logo to help it pop out against the illustration, and I added a light gradient at the top right hand corner to help direct the eye and give more contrast. And this is the final result! I hope this step-by-step process provided some interesting insight into creating these posters. Check back soon for more updates!


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