09 September 2012

General Updates and Mini-Comic

Hello, everyone!

This is a general update for Fate Saga, and will talk about some of my upcoming plans for the project.

2012 has been about tightening up the presentation and getting Fate Saga exposure. The former was done by re-designing and re-drafting the characters and story, and then creating a new pitch book from scratch. The latter has been started by recruiting the voice talent, introducing Fate Saga to the local anime and comic conventions and beginning the pitch cycle to major studios.

It's been a long and still on-going process, but it's been a rewarding and exciting journey. Thus far, we have pitched to two big companies - Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. The good news is that the responses that we've received for our pitch book have overall been very positive. We've received some great feedback, and there's a certain level of gratification in knowing that our hard work is enjoyed and recognized.

That being said, there's a lot that goes into determining what series will get picked up. Of course, it must be a good project, but it must also be able to fit into the demographic and time frame they're looking for right now. It also helps (a lot) if there's already an established fan base. That is part of the reason why Fate Saga has begun its introduction into local conventions - to begin exposing it to the outside world. Strengthening our fan base will only help us as we continue the pitching process.

However, the best way to introduce people to the content is by having something physical and story-related to show. I received some great advice from my fellow artistic colleague and good friend, Aaron Neathery (the creator of the web comic series, Endtown) to make a mini comic to introduce the viewer to Fate Saga's world. With help from my close friends and Taffetas creators Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLaughlan, I've come up with some ideas for Fate Saga mini comic plots.

I am going to try and get one of the comics finished by next year's MegaCon 2012, to have available for the Artist Alley (which I will be sharing with Yesenia Carrero! We shall take MegaCon by storm!) Once I have the mini-comic planned out more thoroughly, I'll start posting some concept art for it here on the blog.

I am also thinking about additional merchandise, including T-shirts - our most requested Fate Saga item at conventions. If there are any other Fate Saga merchandise that you would like to see at Megacon 2012, any future convention or even available online, please feel free to message me. At some point, I may hold another Merchandise poll to help determine where to focus my energy.

Finally, in preparing for next year's conventions and continuing the pitch cycle taking up much of my time, along with the school year beginning again (I teach Beginning Digital Arts), the update schedule for this blog is slowing down to once a week. From now on, it will update every Monday.

Check back for more updates regarding Megacon 2012, the pitching process, Fate Saga merchandise and the mini-comic!

Cain kneeling in a knightly manner. A graphic I drew earlier this year for the pitch book.


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