24 September 2012

Larkspur Poster Design Process

Larkspur's was the second poster I worked on for Anime Festival Orlando. I wanted her to have a more 'assertive' pose, instead of the meek stances she usually has. However, it was important for Larkspur's assertiveness to carry through into more of a determined and strong pose, and not necessarily aggressive or angry. Larkspur is the type of person who is strong in a much more quiet way. Another difference between her and some of the other posters was that I focused on lighter colors to help give the impression of her using restorative magic.

For her pose, I spent some time looking for stock photography of a woman with a bo staff, looking graceful and with a stance that I could work with on a magical standpoint. This stock image from SenshiStock was perfect for the job.

After the first, initial sketch, I flipped the image and drew over it again. Flipping the image lets me see imperfections more clearly, and fix them in the next draft.

Once I was happy with the sketch, I inked the image in Photoshop, then vectorized the lines in Illustrator.

Here, I added flat colors, and a gradient background to give me an idea for where her light sources are going to be coming from.

Added glowy ball of healing and some magical sparkly things at the bottom, as well as shadows and highlights.

More glowy things at the bottom, more glowiness on the ball of healing, and shines in her eyes.

Finally, I added a very light blue color on top of the entire image, as well as the logo and linen textures! Unlike Rori and Cain's posters, I didn't have to add any kind of gradient behind the logo, because the bright energy provides enough of a contrast for the logo to stand out without any additional help.

And this concludes the process for developing Larkspur's poster design! I hope you liked it, and that it provides some insight into the process of creating some of Fate Saga's merchandise!


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