Fate Saga is a fantastical, action/drama animated series about fate and free will, and follows Cain, a knight who can see the future. With only glimpses of prophecies to guide him, Cain interferes in natural disasters and war in hopes of stopping his tragic visions from happening.

However, in a world on the brink of an apocalypse, is knowing the final outcome enough to change it?

Fate Saga is an original animated action/drama series taking place in a fantastical world based on Medieval Europe.

31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

29 October 2012

Who's the Hunter?

With inspiration from some lovely high-contrast artwork I've seen recently, I wanted to try an experimental art piece that focused on high contrast, predominantly black and white.  I didn't plan to add greytones at all, originally, but I experimented with several different versions of the piece, some with no greytones and some with many.  Ultimately, I ended up dropping the grey tones and sticking to the original idea of just black and white.

As for the subject matter, since Halloween is coming and tis the season of were-wolves and other supernatural creatures, I figured I'd play around with Rori's human design and have her getting ready to fight a were-wolf.  While Rori's a run-up-and-slug-em' kind of fighter in Fate Saga, before she became a were-wolf she didn't have the super strength and endurance that allows her to be so reckless.  Also, here she has much more to lose if the were-wolf gets too close.  I imagine she uses a variety of short and long ranged weapons - including knives, short swords and bows - but she's never excellent with any of them.  When she becomes a were-wolf, she's forced to using only a barbaric fighting style and that becomes the one she sticks with.

22 October 2012

Cyrus Voice Demo version 2 by Scott Smith

These were some of the voice overs that I did with Scott Smith earlier this year, just to practice with Cyrus' voice and trying out some of the more intensive scenes.  Some of the lines have been cut to prevent any spoilers.  I wasn't surprised that Scott did a good job, as he's got a really good handle on Cyrus' character.  Even so, he did wonderfully with the more emotive lines and he's great to work with!  I am pleasantly surprised to have found such a good match for Cyrus as early in the process as I did, as I always figured he'd be the hardest one to cast.

The image used is from Cyrus' poster design, which I will be selling (along with other character posters) at Megacon 2013!

For more samples of Scott Smith's work, check out his website!

15 October 2012

MegaCon 2013

"This is what he looks like!"
This sketch was done mostly by me, but Cyrus' drawing of Cain is extra authentic as it was drawn by his voice actor, Scott Smith.  Thanks for the drawing, Scott!

I am excited to announce that I will be sharing an Artist Table at MegaCon 2013 (from March 15-17) with Taffetas' co-creator, my buddy and amazing artist Yesenia Carrero!  At Megacon, I will be selling the Fate Saga posters from Anime Festival Orlando, my regular inventory, commissions and more! 

We will be located at table Red 10!  Please check back for more information!

08 October 2012

Fate Saga Guest Art

Here is some lovely guest artwork by the talented Miriam Medina and Ayumi Ruki

Sometimes, when I go to conventions or follow artists online, I will commission them for the joy of seeing Fate Saga's artwork in their style.  Usually, I will choose which characters to request based off of what I think will look most complementary to their style, give them reference images, a description of their story/personalities and let them draw whatever they want.  

I saw Miriam Medina's artwork back in December of last year, at Holiday Matsuri's artist alley.  I noticed that she had a knack for drawing women, and had some artwork featuring some pretty sinister looking ladies, so I requested Larkspur and Bianca.   I love the job Miriam did with the action poses.  So dynamic!

Ayumi Ruki does the most adorable family-oriented drawings.  There's always such a loving, candid, emotional dynamic between the characters, especially between parents and children.  With that in mind, I requested Guile and Rori because of their familial relationship.  I love how it came out!  Their interaction feels so sweet and sincere.

01 October 2012

Rori Voice Demo version 2, by Celia Sullivan

Early this year during a trip I made to Savannah, I met up with Celia Sullivan and we re-recorded some of Rori's lines and added a few new ones.  I love the way she plays Rori, as she has a deeper but still feminine voice, and she plays Rori's abrasiveness really well!  Celia was a lot of fun and great to work with!

The "Yes, in fact I'm doing it right now...with my eyes" dialogue is from a comic I drew back in 2011, to play around with Cain and Rori's dialogue when they first meet.