22 October 2012

Cyrus Voice Demo version 2 by Scott Smith

These were some of the voice overs that I did with Scott Smith earlier this year, just to practice with Cyrus' voice and trying out some of the more intensive scenes.  Some of the lines have been cut to prevent any spoilers.  I wasn't surprised that Scott did a good job, as he's got a really good handle on Cyrus' character.  Even so, he did wonderfully with the more emotive lines and he's great to work with!  I am pleasantly surprised to have found such a good match for Cyrus as early in the process as I did, as I always figured he'd be the hardest one to cast.

The image used is from Cyrus' poster design, which I will be selling (along with other character posters) at Megacon 2013!

For more samples of Scott Smith's work, check out his website!


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