08 October 2012

Fate Saga Guest Art

Here is some lovely guest artwork by the talented Miriam Medina and Ayumi Ruki

Sometimes, when I go to conventions or follow artists online, I will commission them for the joy of seeing Fate Saga's artwork in their style.  Usually, I will choose which characters to request based off of what I think will look most complementary to their style, give them reference images, a description of their story/personalities and let them draw whatever they want.  

I saw Miriam Medina's artwork back in December of last year, at Holiday Matsuri's artist alley.  I noticed that she had a knack for drawing women, and had some artwork featuring some pretty sinister looking ladies, so I requested Larkspur and Bianca.   I love the job Miriam did with the action poses.  So dynamic!

Ayumi Ruki does the most adorable family-oriented drawings.  There's always such a loving, candid, emotional dynamic between the characters, especially between parents and children.  With that in mind, I requested Guile and Rori because of their familial relationship.  I love how it came out!  Their interaction feels so sweet and sincere.


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