01 October 2012

Rori Voice Demo version 2, by Celia Sullivan

Early this year during a trip I made to Savannah, I met up with Celia Sullivan and we re-recorded some of Rori's lines and added a few new ones.  I love the way she plays Rori, as she has a deeper but still feminine voice, and she plays Rori's abrasiveness really well!  Celia was a lot of fun and great to work with!

The "Yes, in fact I'm doing it right now...with my eyes" dialogue is from a comic I drew back in 2011, to play around with Cain and Rori's dialogue when they first meet.


Wow, sounds amazing! The last line is especially good imo. I can't wait for this thing to get going finally~

Thanks so much for your comment, Saki! Celia does a great job with Rori's voice!

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