29 October 2012

Who's the Hunter?

With inspiration from some lovely high-contrast artwork I've seen recently, I wanted to try an experimental art piece that focused on high contrast, predominantly black and white.  I didn't plan to add greytones at all, originally, but I experimented with several different versions of the piece, some with no greytones and some with many.  Ultimately, I ended up dropping the grey tones and sticking to the original idea of just black and white.

As for the subject matter, since Halloween is coming and tis the season of were-wolves and other supernatural creatures, I figured I'd play around with Rori's human design and have her getting ready to fight a were-wolf.  While Rori's a run-up-and-slug-em' kind of fighter in Fate Saga, before she became a were-wolf she didn't have the super strength and endurance that allows her to be so reckless.  Also, here she has much more to lose if the were-wolf gets too close.  I imagine she uses a variety of short and long ranged weapons - including knives, short swords and bows - but she's never excellent with any of them.  When she becomes a were-wolf, she's forced to using only a barbaric fighting style and that becomes the one she sticks with.


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