05 November 2012

A Duerian Halloween Comic, part 1

I came up with the idea for this little comic on Halloween, so the completion of it's going to run a little late, but I don't upload a lot of comics to the blog and figured this might be a fun little comic strip.

Fate Saga's world likely has its own interpretations of All Hallows Eve, and it varies between the different cultures.  I could see Duero celebrating Halloween the closest to how we celebrate it in America today, or at least Drax being keen on the idea should it somehow ever come up for this very reason.

Also, Drax is always fond of the gift (or, in this case, sweets) giving holidays so long as he is the recipient and not the giver.

The next parts will be coming up in the subsequent weeks.  As soon as the whole comic is finished, I'll include a post with all of the parts together.  For now, have a gander to how Drax and Seiron would celebrate Halloween!


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