03 December 2012

Cain and Larkspur Dance Scene WIP

Sketch by Dana Corrigan.  Background is based off of environmental layout design by Monty Bess

Hi everyone!  For those of you who are in school I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving break.  We're now in the beginning of December and before we know it, Christmas will be here!  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by.  It's been an incredibly busy here, both for me personally and for Fate Saga.

In the next stretch, I'm slowly going to be working on some new artwork for the pitch book.  A few months ago, my close friends and Taffetas co-creators Jess and Tracy made a good point that the pitch book's images were a little too dark (as in, implying that the whole show might be darker or more mature than it actually is).  With that in mind, I'm going to rough out - and eventually finish - some more light-hearted or comedic scenes from Fate Saga.  I don't know yet which will make it into the book.  Right now it's more of an experiment to see how these scenes come out.

The above image is a dance scene between Cain and Larkspur.  They both have a tendency towards being awkward people - but they're both enjoying themselves.  They're not the only main characters in this scene, however.  This is probably one of the first images I've drawn (other than images done for posters) that has good guys, villains and even neutrals in the same scene interacting with each other.


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