17 December 2012

Cain Strength Exercise

This was a little exercise I wanted to do to show Cain's strength, how he uses it and how his three companions view it.  Guile, being a kid, loves it.  He sees Cain as this strong big brother or father figure, who can use his strength to pick him up, throw him around and basically rough and tumble fun.  Larkspur sees it as a gentle strength - To her, Cain is someone who can protect and comfort her.  Rori on the other hand sees Cain's strength as a threat and opposition.  She sees him as someone who is forceful, and whom she needs to compete with.  To allow him to outshine her in terms of strength (of which Rori is very physically capable as well) would make her feel weak, so she can't allow it.

Of course, Cain sees himself as very strong, and others (especially women and children) as people who need his protection.  This works well for those who really do want it - like Larkspur and Guile - but puts him at odds with those who unquestionably don't want it.


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