25 February 2013

Sketch Practice: Get Down!

I do a lot of quick sketches to play around with scenes, gestures, emotions, and really just anything that comes to mind.  These aren't always events that are going to happen in the story, but they can sometimes become them (or inspire something else).  Most of these quick sketches will never make it onto the blog, but sometimes I'll find one that I like and put it up here.  This is one of them.

This doesn't take after any specific scene.  It's more of the dynamic of Rori and Guile's relationship.  While Guile's hardly a damsel, he does tend to get into a lot of trouble, and he doesn't have the were-wolf endurance that Rori has.  So it's not unusual for this kind of scenario when Rori has tackle and shield Guile from some kind of attack.  Luckily, Rori's durable enough to handle this without much complication - most of the time.


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