11 March 2013

Fate Saga at MegaCon 2013!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the late update.  I have been fighting Kidney Stones since Thursday, and now that they have been slain I can now resume my plans!  This week is spent preparing for MegaCon 2013 this weekend!  I will be sharing a table with my pal, amazing artist and Taffetas co-creator Yesenia Carrero!

I will have some Fate Saga merchandise available - including posters and prints.  However, I also sell stickers, magnets, prints and posters of fan art from different shows and video games - including Full Metal Alchemist, Madoka Magica, X-Men, Wolf's Rain, Gundam Wing and Mega Man. 

As always, I will also be open for commissions.  Any sketch commissions and, if I have enough time to complete them before MegaCon ends on Sunday, ink or colored penciled commissions will be done at the convention.  All Digital Commissions or animated commissions will have to be done after the convention and will be sent either through email (if digital) or mail (if traditional) as soon as they're completed!

Come check us out!!  See you there!


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