05 March 2013

Larkspur Singing Voice Test by Celia Sullivan

We have an amazing voice actor for Larkspur in the talented Ashley Sahler, and I've been keeping an eye out for a really good singer who's singing voice can match Ashley's voice for Larkspur.  (It wouldn't do so well to have Larkspur sing and speak in an obviously different voice).  Celia Sullivan, Rori's voice actor, has an absolutely beautiful singing voice, and she was kind enough to do a little rough test singing for us.  This song is based off of Larkspur's Theme, though it was recorded separately and in a quicker tempo. 

Some time in the future, we're going to try it again at a higher pitch, and at the same tempo as the music so we can match the voice to it.  But this version still sounds really lovely, and the deeper tone makes it sound more like Rori's singing (which is why I have both Larkspur and Rori at the top screen, instead of just Larkspur). 

Celia is a theater actress, who specializes in musicals.  She gave me permission to upload this test onto the blog.  I've always found it fascinating to hear voice actors sing (it kind of feels like the character that person's voicing is singing, even if they're not singing as the character), and thought it would be fun to share this little demo here.


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