18 March 2013

Thank you 155 Likes on Facebook!

Considering the hecticness of the convention weekend, I will be going over the MegaCon adventures next update!  This update was set in advance.  For it, I wanted to thank everyone for an exciting and impressive 155 Likes on Facebook!  Keeping in mind that Fate Saga is still in its conceptual stage and at the midst of its pitching process, this is a tremendous step!  The more people we can show are interested in Fate Saga, the better anchorage we have when we pitch to large studios!  If you know anyone who may be interested in watching an action/animated series about fate and free will, please have them like Fate Saga on Facebook, or follow Fate Saga on the blog as well!  There's no cost, and you'll be notified of every new update Fate Saga has!

As for the image above itself, I wanted to make it look somewhat like a polaroid image - hence Cain and Larkspur giving their best 'photo smile', with Rori and Guile totally photobombing it.  There are no cameras or photography in Fate Saga's world, which is why an image like this is delegated to fun illustrations outside of the story itself (for special occasions such as this one)!  Still, it was a lot of fun to do and something I had wanted to draw for awhile.  I could see Rori just making a quick, 'trying-to-be-cool-but-also-purposely-looking-a-little-ridiculous face' and Guile being entirely over the top.


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