29 April 2013

Larkspur Sketches

Lately, I've been inspired to draw Fate Saga, but have been so incredibly busy these past few weeks that I really haven't had time to. Finally, recently I had a little extra time before bed and did a bunch of quick roughs. I clustered all of Larkspur's roughs together for this sketch dump.

Her hair is different in some of the sketches because in the story, she eventually loses her bandana. She would probably have a different outfit at that point as well, but I haven't designed her later outfits so right now it's all her original attire.  Some of these sketches are from scenes I have in mind, but I kept out anything spoilerish. So whatever she's reacting to, you can make up.

There will likely be more sketch dumps in the future, once I add a few more drawings of some of the other characters.

I hope you like it!


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