22 April 2013


Fate Saga itself doesn't really have a 'mascot' figure, nor do I really intend for it to.  The series is a little mature, most likely, to have an iconic little animal friend.  That being said, I spent a few months starting at the end of last year up until recently working on revamping my portfolio.  Usually, animators will use a mascot figure or an avatar of themselves (whether it's a cartoon version of themselves, a fursona, or an invented character meant to represent them personally).  My old mascot, still featured on my website until it's eventually remodel, served as that cute little dragon animal friend.  I chose the little blue dragon because many years ago, I used to go by a pseudonym of "Sapphire Dragon Studios," which I still occasionally use.

Now that I go by my own name more often, I intended to retire the little blue dragon mascot and use someone else.  It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do.  First, I tried some cartoon versions of myself and, while I didn't dislike how they came out, they just didn't feel right.  So I thought about using a mascot, again.  A lot of artists use a main character from their largest projects, thesis or senior films, so I started thinking about Fate Saga. 

Who would be a good 'mascot' figure for Fate Saga?  Despite being the main 'animal' of the group, Rori was immediately discarded as a candidate because wolves have definitely been done before, and she's way too mean looking.  I'd scare any clients away.  Mascots are usually fun, friendly and approachable creatures.  Thinking on that line, the answer came to me pretty easily:  Seiron.

He's sweet, friendly, approachable, more unique in design than any other beastial character in Fate Saga's cast, and his well-dressed appearance might help make the art he's featured on - and myself - more professional.

So while this isn't a piece for Fate Saga in particular, here is "Mascot Seiron" as featured on the front of my Digital flatbook.  His wings are lightened so it won't conflict with the text:


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