08 April 2013

OC Art Exchange: I Think We've Met Before?

So about a month ago, I joined an OC group on DeviantART started by Myrcury-Art and a friend of mine and creator of Machinema, Jay Miller, that's all about drawing our original character(s) interacting with the original character(s) of another member chosen at random, based off of a prompt given every month.  I had been debating whether I was going to post my side of the prompts (or the prompts that the other person does for me) on this blog, but after what happened to my first month's post I have to answer with a resounding "yes!"

Why?  Is it because the above drawing is a shining example of Fate Saga?  Well, not so much for the above image but because of what it inspired:

In my original post on DeviantART, I mentioned that Elena looked as if she was peeping out of Cain's shirt (Elena, what are you doing in there?!), and then Jamie posed the question that we've all been wondering... what wouldn't she be doing in Cain's shirt?  And it spiraled into the insane and lovely sketch Tracy did above!  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy drawing/writing my original characters with others.  What fun shenanigans.


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