15 April 2013

OC Art X-Change March part 2: Hao

This was the other half of the Art X-Change, drawn by JayJayRey.  The prompt was simply to draw our characters meeting for the first time, and I was lucky enough to get JayJayRey as my secret Santa-of-sorts.  JayJay drew her character, Satinka, meeting Cain for the first time.  I like how Cain looks like he had just woke up from sleeping outside (totally in character for him).  He hasn't had time yet to get confused and bewildered at this new, brightly colored critter greeting him!

Satinka herself is adorable.  She seems like a very friendly character.  It would be interesting to see how the two of them would interact beyond the initial 'hellos'!  Maybe that'll be explored in a future Art X-Change.


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