05 May 2013

Lukas/Bianca Animation Roughs part 1

Hello everyone!  This post will be part of a series, as I put together the roughs, then cleaner roughs and ultimately finals of this test animation.

Next semester, I will be teaching Flash and After Effects at the University of Tampa along with the Beginning Digital Arts class I normally instruct.  Since it's been awhile since I've had a chance to play around with After Effects, the final version of this animation as of right now will have Lukas and possibly Bianca puppeted, with some frame-by-frame animation.  It will be experimental, both to test After Effects and also to see how well these two animate.

Right now this is a very, very rough first draft of what the animation might look like.  Bianca is injured, sitting on a table and awaiting treatment from Armand...and Lukas is all too interested in her injuries.

Lukas is voiced by Scott Smith.   Check out his website and samples of his voice over work here!


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