27 May 2013

OC Art X-Change (April): Cyberpunk Vektor

I've mentioned before that I am part of the OC Art-Xchange group on DeviantART.  The way the group works is that you sign yourself up each month if you have time to do an original, completed artwork for someone else's characters and, in turn, someone will do one for you.  You get to choose which one of your characters you're offering up to the mantel each month, and in return you receive the other person's character to draw.  It's set up as a Secret Santa format, and no one knows who got who until we post up our drawings.

For our April entry, it was "Cyberpunk" or "Steampunk." I offered up Vektor because he already wears armor so I figured he'd be easier to work with.  I was excited to receive this awesome Cyberpunk version of Vektor, by Myrcury-Art!  I like how she kept to his blue and silver color scheme, and he ended up looking pretty cool and sinister!  The binary code background, his name and the blue glows are a nice touch!  Feels very 'Tron'!

My entry below doesn't involve any Fate Saga characters, but it was a lot of fun to do!  His name is Reegan Keaton and he belongs to Caat.


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