12 May 2013

The Mothers of Fate Saga

For Fate Saga's Mother's Day this year, I decided to try something a little different and draw out each main character's relationship with his/her mother.  Most of the cast's parents are not designed, and likely wouldn't be seen very much in the story, but I always felt that it was important to have some idea to each character's past, relationship with their parents, and basically anything that could contribute to that character's personality.  Obviously, the type of bond a person has with his or her parents affect everything else about their lives whether they want it to or not.  Of course, none of this is set in stone and could be changed, but this is the current relationship each character has with his/her mother.

Most of the cast is younger in this image because, in the current story, they don't have much regular access to their parents.

Cain:  He has a very good relationship with his mother.  She was a stay at home mother/housewife.  It was expected where he lived, and it was a type of life suited to her.  She was involved in her children's lives and is pretty much the type of person Cain compares every other woman he meets to.  Cain is very kind towards her, and learned much of his chivalry not just from her but also his Squire upbringing.  She is also the person from whom he inherited his psychic powers from, though Mrs. Strata makes an effort to hide her powers because she knows her people are superstitious and would see it as witchcraft.

Guile:  I was debating between drawing him with his birth mother, or with Rori.  Guile's parents died when he was a baby, and the only parent he remembers before Rori was his grandfather.  Since the only mother he remembers is Rori, I decided to draw him with her.  Guile's always been a goofy kid, and Rori deviates between being annoyed by him and amused with his antics.  He's probably the only one who can frustrate her endlessly, but also the only one who can make her laugh even when she's at her most miserable.  Guile himself has some insecurity with her, and whether or not she really loves him or is just using him as a means to an end (Rori's not the type to throw around the "l" word freely).  Still, they are protective of each other and will be the first to rush to the other's defense.

Rori:  She comes from a snarky, tough clan of were-wolf hunters.  There's a lot of sarcasm and teasing amongst them, and it's part of the reason Rori's very thick-skinned and hard to offend.  She and her mother have a strong, snarky relationship.  In some ways, Rori had to grow up quickly because the threat of were-wolves and surviving off of the land was always imperative, but Rori's inquisitiveness and maturity were rewarded.  Her parents were strict when she was young, but relented as she grew older and, as an adult, her mother became more of a trusted friend and confidant, until Rori became a were-wolf, herself.
Mother: Hun, you do know you're supposed to hit the targets, right?
Rori: You don't say?

Larkspur:  She has an estranged relationship with her mother, and had a tumultuous one throughout most of her life.  Larkspur's mother was always concerned with what other people thought of them, and would put pressure on Larkspur not to make mistakes, offend anyone and generally behave in a way that will look good to other people.  Her mother has social anxiety, and either through nature or nurture, Larkspur inherited the same problem.  Her parents divorced when Larkspur was a child, and her mother blames Larkspur for it.  Larkspur finds her mother to be intimidating and impossible to please.  As a result, she ends up avoiding her, though Larkspur tries to find a common ground when she can.

Bianca:  She grew up to a rich family, and was the type of child who could have anything she wanted but her parents' attention.  Elemental attack magic is considered black arts to her shamanistic elvish people, and once she began to study it she was outcast from her homeland and disowned by her parents.  Having never had a close relationship with them, it wasn't a great loss to her - though she does tend to look for that attention she lacked from them anywhere else she can.

On the bottom left of the image are some of the characters who grew up without parents at all - little Cyrus, Lukas and Seiron.  Drawn as adorably as possible.

Anyway, I hope you like it!


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