16 June 2013

Father's Day

So in going with the relationships the cast have with their mother's for this year's Mother's Day, for Father's Day I wanted to do something similar. However, instead of reviewing their adult relationships with their fathers (or father figures), I drew the main 4 heroes as children and showed their relationships that way.

Cain's father is an older man and a knight who didn't get to spend lots of time with his children because he was always off with knightly duties - but he nonetheless loved his children and Cain adored him. Many of Cain's traits he gained from him - his chivalry, sense of justice and responsibility. Cain's father was a gentle and heroic man, and growing up Cain aspired to be just like him. In the image, I imagine that Cain's father is talking knightly business with people, and had brought his son with him to the castle.

Rori had a very good relationship with both parents. They were both tough and could be strict, but being warriors themselves they weren't helicopter or tiger parents. Although she was rambunctious, Rori rarely got in trouble for the type of things she did. In this image, I imagine it's something like:
Lil Rori: "Papa! That boy pushed me so I punched him in the face!"
Father: "Ouch! That's my girl!"

Larkspur was definitely's a 'daddy's girl', as she had a poor relationship with her mother. Her father's a bit flamboyant and tacky, but very loving and affectionate towards his daughter. He was the type of guy who'd cheer for her during any singing recitals, and proudly go to any childhood event Larkspur had. It's through him that she learned her gentleness, patience and tolerance for all different types of people.

Guile's father died when he was a baby, so his father figure for a time was his Grandfather. His Grandfather unfortunately didn't care to have to play 'father' a second time and didn't tolerate anything Guile did. He would often take his frustrations out on the boy regardless of whether he had a reason. Later Guile gets separated from his Grandfather and is found/raised by Rori, so from that point on he's like the son of a single mother.


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