08 July 2013

Armand Poster Development

For Florida Supercon, here is a poster I've made for Fate Saga's main villain, the scientist Armand. I don't often draw him because he's a very mysterious character. Not the type of person who I want to humanize the same way I try to humanize the other villains in my artwork. He is meant to personify everything that is scary about doctors and science - especially the dehumanization of test subjects.

As for the poster itself, it was fairly simple to make. I wanted a bright, backlit background that's almost like sitting in a doctor's chair or gurney, looking up as he's looming over. The hardest part was definitely that hand holding the medieval scalpel in perspective.

 This post was set up in advance.  Fate Saga is currently still in Miami for Florida Supercon.  In next week's post, I will talk more about the experience there.


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