28 July 2013

Metrocon 2013

Guile and Rori Art Trade, by Dean Grayson.

This weekend I went to Metrocon in downtown Tampa, Florida.  I didn't have an art table, this time, so I used it as an opportunity for both networking and just meet people and have fun.  I had the pleasure of meeting Phil LaMarr (Jack from Samurai Jack), Dante Basco (Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender), D.C. Douglas (Legion, from Mass Effect.  We've met before but he's an awesome guy to talk to), Scott McNeil (Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z, Wolverine from X-Men Evolution and many, many more.  We've also met before, as he frequents anime conventions in Florida.  He's one of the funniest and nicest people you could ever meet at a convention), Brittney Karbowski (Black Star, from Soul Eater) and Janet Varney (Korra, from The Legend of Korra). 

They were all incredibly nice and with a great sense of humor.  Their panels were a lot of fun and they were so kind in person!  Janet Varney especially was very sweet, and she has a podcast I'd like to promote on her behalf.  It's called the JV club, and on it she interviews women actresses and voice actresses about what their teenage years were like.  You can check it out, here!

Also, at every convention I usually commission an artist and, if the option presents itself, do an art trade.  I commissioned Doug Smith, the guest artist at Metrocon, for a Fate Saga character of his choice.  He chose Cain, the main hero.  The image is featured below.  I love how knightly and manly he came out - he was a good match stylistically for Doug.  The shading also came out nicely!

I also had the absolute pleasure of art trading with Dean Grayson, who had a table at the artist alley.  We each got to choose a character from each other's stories - mine being Fate Saga and his being Relic Chasers, his web comic that will be starting in January 2014.  His image is featured on the top.  He decided on Guile and Rori, and I absolutely love how sweet they are in this image.  Such a warm atmosphere! 

This coming weekend I will be going to Fanboy Expo 2013, also in Tampa, Florida.  I don't have an art table there, but I do have one next month at Anime Festival Orlando!  If you will be there, be sure to stop by!

Noble Cain Commission, by Doug Smith


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