19 August 2013

Anime Festival Orlando 2013

Hi everyone and welcome any newcomers to Fate Saga!  I just got back from AFO 2013.  This year it was moved to a new location - the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World.  Literally if you stepped outside of the hotel, you could see one of the theme park's rollercoaster. 

The convention itself was a little slow, but overall was a great time!  I got to see some amazing artists there including Kitsune Steele, Emily Boverie, Christa Deason and Brittany Cruz, some I know from previous conventions - when you frequent the same conventions, you tend to find some of the same people, which is great because we eventually all get to know each other.  I also got to meet Jennifer Hale and Ali Hillis, the voices behind female Commander Shepard and Liara T'soni from Mass Effect, respectively (as well as the voices behind many other characters from both television and video games).  They were both incredibly nice!  Ali Hillis even runs a dog shelter.  She and I went soccer mom mode and showed each other pictures of our dogs.

This is the last convention for Fate Saga, for the summer.  I may hit more towards the end of the year.  If that happens, I will let you know in a future update!  For now, thank you for checking out Fate Saga, and a big welcome to anyone who may be a new visitor!  If you like what you see here, please like us on Facebook, which is located along the right side column of this blog!

Fate Saga: First episode concept art: test screen shot, by Dana Corrigan


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