26 August 2013

Busy Times Ahead!

 This adorable little frolicking Lukas is courtesy of the amazing Jay Miller, from the OC Art-XChange group's June entry.  The topic was "Chibi" and boy did he make Fate Saga's eccentric scientist absolutely adorable!!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to give you the heads up that things have been pretty busy this past month, and are going to be even busier here for the next few weeks.  School is starting, and this semester I will be teaching 3 different classes, two subjects of which I'll be teaching for the first time!  Which means double the syllabi, class preparation, lectures, assignments to put together and students to grade.  In preparation for these classes, I'm not going to have much time to post new content here.  However, that does not mean that the once-a-week posting date will change.  Instead, I will be posting guest art, from commissions and art trades that I've done throughout the summer for the OC Art-XChange group, and also with friends and colleagues from conventions.  I may also post some sketches and works-in-progress for some of the art I'm working on for Fate Saga.

If you would like to have your art featured, feel free to send me an email at dana_corrigan@ymail.com or through DeviantART!


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