12 August 2013

Swimsuit Bianca Art XChange, by Hookyland

As some of you may know, I am part of a an art group called the OC Art-X-Change.  Each month we have the option to enter a drawing and get a randomly chosen original character to draw.  There are regular art exchanges, where they have to be full colored, and sketch exchanges, where they can be rougher.  This was one of the sketch exchanges.  Hookyland ended up getting Bianca, and I love love love what she did with the style.  Her drawing style really suits Bianca, and I love how she's strong and curvy, with a more natural body type.

I in turn received FrayZhaun, who belongs to Mycury-Art.  Below is my part of the art trade:

The sketch exchange's prompt was to draw them in a swimsuit for the summer, so Fray's sporting some swanky swimming trunks and chilling out by the edge of the pool. He seems like a laid back kind of guy, so I wanted to draw him doing something relaxing.  He was a lot of fun to draw!


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