03 September 2013

OC Sketch X-Change: Our Hearts are Together

I've mentioned before that I am part of an OC Art-Xchange group on DeviantART, and this was the gorgeous entry I was lucky enough to receive by the exceptionally talented Brianna Alexander!!  Here is a link to the original post on DeviantART.  As you can see here, the prompt is love between two characters (it didn't have to be romantic love, but most of us opted for it.  MMmmm)

I love the posing of both characters, and especially how schmoozing Cain is, all up on Larkspur.  He enjoys a little desert with his music!  Another aspect I really like about it is how great Brianna is with different character bodytypes.  This is prevalent not only here, with a big broad man and a thin, rail-ish girl, but also in her other work.

Thanks so much, Brianna!  I love it!

My entry was with Mayocat's characters, Juno and Maurice.


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