20 October 2013

Sleep is for the Weak

Hi everyone!

This semester has been pretty crazy, with the new classes I've been teaching along with a large freelance gig I'm working on concurrently.  It's been a blast so far, and the new classes are great!  Unfortunately, I haven't had as much consecutive time to dedicate to Fate Saga, so for now I don't have any big updates for it. 

For the duration of this semester, this blog will have to slow down to more infrequent updates.  There will still be updates when I can make them, and the blog will resume regular updates around the end of the year, once classes are done for the semester.

On a good note, having new classes to teach this semester meant spending more time developing and learning in areas that I knew functionally for work, but could always use more thorough knowledge in.  I also went to the Kelby "Adobe Photoshop Creativity Tour," have been studying DVD's on Blending Modes and Animation Principals, received a free, newly released textbook on Acting Performance for Animators (which I'll review some time in a future post) and have generally been absorbing so much relevant information.  Once things slow down here and I get a chance to absorb everything I've been researching outside of a class environment, I know this is going to benefit Fate Saga in a tremendous way.

For now, here is a fun sketch of Malachi and Bianca.  They are both professors of a School of Magic in Duero, so they (well, Malachi since he's the more studious of the two) know sleep deprivation!


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