25 January 2014

Fate Saga Updates and Lukas Puppet Design

Hello everyone!

I wanted to give a brief update to Fate Saga, as well as upload images from a puppet I worked on last semester for the University of South Florida.

Seiron and Rori

What's Been Happening?
First off, though the updates here have been slow, Fate Saga is still active.  Like last semester, I am teaching two classes at the University of Tampa, and one class for the University of South Florida.  They're both great universities and I am excited to continue working with them.  After this semester, I will have been teaching at the University of Tampa for three years, and the University of South Florida for one year.  Between classes and some major freelance projects I've been on (including a motion comic for Desura.com's ModDB, IndieDB and SlideDB awards!), I haven't had time to put together updates for Fate Saga.

Unfortunately, with the amount of Freelance and school work I still have on my plate, I can't commit to regular updates for Fate Saga at this time.  That being said, please be assured that the project is very much alive and continues to move along.  I will continue to update the blog as often as I can, so please continue to check back!

Lukas Puppet Design
Last semester, at USF I taught Computer Animation (which is what I am also teaching this semester).  Their final is to create, rig and animate a 2D puppet.  For my class demonstration, I used Fate Saga's creepy little lizard, Lukas.  Fate Saga ultimately would be more likely to use general frame-by-frame animation rather than puppets, but since I had to create a puppet for the class I figure why not use a FS character?  It wouldn't hurt to see if perhaps puppets could be used to simplify some of the smaller scenes, should it come up?

Above is a breakdown of what I go through when designing a puppet.  

First, I start off with a base sketch of the character, then break it down into segments.  The third image (on the bottom left) is the same as the second, except that Lukas' frills are open.  If the character has wings, frills, or anything that would require a separate part for a separate pose, the third image is where I'd add the design of those pieces (since I'll need the rest of the puppet sketched and segmented out both for a sense of scale, but also for a sense of design.  I have to make sure that the pieces intersect properly.

Coming up some time in the future, I'm going to do a puppet animation test with him to one of the fantastic Scott Lambright Smith's auditions.  I'm leaning towards referencing an old animation rough test I did last year, of Lukas interacting with an injured (and irritated) Bianca.


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