13 March 2014

Lukas Simple Puppet Walk

Last semester, for my Animation class I had put together a Lukas puppet as a demonstration on how a 2D puppet is constructed, and how to draw one out from a base sketch.  This semester, I'm going to provide the Lukas puppet along with other puppets I've made for the students to experiment with.  However, before I handed it over, I wanted to do a short test on my own to ensure the puppet's functionality.  Especially since Lukas is one of the more complicated characters (having a flexible neck, tail, lab coat, frills, etc.  It's more complex than some of the more base rigs they'll have a chance to experiment with).

His neck is done with frame-by-frame animation, but everything else is puppeted.  He has an alternate frill (where it's spread out in his 'fear' or 'aggressive' state) and alternate eyes (wide eyes, shut, narrow).  Coming up, I may do a dialogue test which will stretch the bounds of the puppet and use alternate parts, but for now I wanted to test its base functionality.

And, of course, since there was a need to create and animate a puppet, I just had to do one for Fate Saga.  It's great to see Lukas move for the first time!


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