21 May 2014

Fate Saga will be at Omni Expo 2014 This Weekend!

Hello everyone!  I hope any students and teachers are starting (or getting ready to start) a productive and relaxing summer.  I've taken this short time to preparing for this summer's conventions, and now my first con of the summer is approaching - Omni Expo at Orlando, FL.

I will have an art table there located at table 17.  And amongst my usual wares I will be selling Fate Saga merchandise and commissions.  I hope to see you there!

Above are some Fate Saga warm up sketches.


Who's the elven-looking woman in the picture with Seiron? I think that's her too in the doodle to the far right...
And this will be another summer in which cool things are happening that I won't be around for. Missing the D23 Expo and Good Dinosaur footage was quite a mistake.

Hello and thank you for your question! The pointy-eared girl with Seiron is Rori, a were-wolf who is most frequently seen in group shots as a large wolf - http://www.fatesagathesis.blogspot.be/2012/09/rori-poster-process.html She looks a little different here than in some of her earlier artworks because Fate Saga's style is still in development. One of Rori's most recent changes has been sharpening her ears to better accommodate her wolfishness...if that's even a word.

That's okay! If you miss the conventions most of the cool Fate Saga happenings will be included on the blog, as well.

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