22 July 2014

Upcoming 2014 Conventions and Updates

Hey guys!  During the summer, Fate Saga will be attending three more conventions (as of right now) during Summer 2014:

Anime Festival Orlando
This weekend, July 25-27, 2014
Orlando, FL

Tampa Comic Con
August 1-3, 2014
Tampa, FL

Fanboy Expo
September 12-14, 2014
Tampa, FL

I'm thinking of changing Guile's eyes to brown.  It's a minor adjustment, but having two blonde, blue eyed characters might mistakenly make them appear related.  I'm sure you can tell who the two Extroverts are. 

I will also be going to DragonCon 2014, but I won't have a table there.  This will be my first time attending such a huge convention - my understanding is that it spans over 4 hotels! - and it's during the school year.  In order to have an art table at a large convention like that, you have to be able to be there from the morning of its first day, and break down at the end of the last day.  DragonCon is too far away and during school, but nonetheless I look forward to checking it out!

Fate Saga will also attending MegaCon 2015!  That's a convention whose art tables get filled up quickly, so I reserved one as soon as they were open.  When the event comes closer, I'll put up a seating chart to point out where I'll be.

Other than the conventions, updates for Fate Saga have been slow.  Work has to be my main priority, while Fate Saga is my prized pet project that I work on whenever I have free time.  I've been mostly working on tightening the plot for future seasons and, consequently, coming back to the first season to update the episodes.  There's not much updates that I can post here on the blog for the sake of spoilers, but rest assured that the story is still alive and continuing to develop.


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