28 September 2014

Fate Saga in Watercolors

Hi everyone!  In this post I'm going to be talking about a new skill I've been developing - watercolors.  I've always been more of a digital artist rather than a traditional one (though, of course, the principles of design are the same in both areas and all media is just that - tools for the artist to wield.  But I must admit that digital is a much more forgiving media, thanks to that delightful Command+Z...or Alt+Z I believe for you Windows user) but I've always wanted to get more involved with painting and watercolors, especially.  I've always been too busy to really try and pick it up, but necessity is the mother of invention and I recently received a freelance project that the client wanted done in watercolors.  The style could be digitally-created faux watercolors, but I figured now was the time to try the real thing.

Of course, any time I'm trying something new or demonstrating something for class and need something to test on, I always bring in Fate Saga.  It's my baby, after all, and it allows me to create new work for my story while fulfilling my need to practice.  So above I have a watercolor painting of Cain Strata, and below are a sweet image of Seiron and Rori.  These were drawn on 12x6in watercolor paper, and resized to 11x6in as a printed large postcard size for conventions.

What I really like about watercolors is how vibrant they are.  One thing I've been wanting to try with Fate Saga is try making the characters and overall color scheme more bright and saturated.  The story is meant for 6-12 year olds - probably leaning more towards the higher age of the spectrum, but I've been wanting to adjust my style towards making them just a little more cartoony (just to give them more expression and dynamism!) and bright (I think my older work tends to get a little muddy).  I really like how the watercolors bring out more, well, color to the pieces and will continue to practice with it.

I hope you like them!

By the way - if any of you watercolor savvy people have any advice on what I can do to improve my painting, please let me know!  I'm still very new to the medium!


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