About the Crew

From left to right, top to bottom: Jason Fisher, Megan Miller, Dana Corrigan, Katie Jones, Zachary Zion, Katie McGraw, Maddy Rojo, Stefanie Kocian, Ashley Sahler

Fate Saga has a crew of over 50 people, including animators, voice actors, sound designers, fight choreographers, a musician, a graphic designer, motion media specialists, 3D modelers, textures, lighting, concept artists and matte painters that have been involved in the project since Fall 2009.  This image was taken during the Fate Saga end-of-the-quarter party.

Dana Corrigan - Creator

 Dana is a freelance animator with a Master of Fine Arts in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design, received in March 2011.  She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Electronic Media Art and Technology from the University of Tampa in 2006.  Her professional background including multiple small scale, freelance animation and interactive projects for companies such as Oddpodz, DataPros and Virtual Intelligence Providers gives her an understanding of the production process.

Fate Saga has been her story and personal project since 1998.  The characters and plot have changed and grown along with her as an artist through high school, then college and graduate school.  Since applying to Savannah College of Art and Design, she knew from the start that Fate Saga was meant to be her Thesis.  With the help of SCAD's resources, faculty and peers, she decided to make a pilot episode and pitch package for Fate Saga, along with the written component studying story continuity in television.

Her favorite part of the whole experience has been the incredible amount of support and critique from colleagues, as well as the opportunity to work with such diverse talent.  It has been a great experience as well as a learning opportunity, and she is eager to see where things go from here.

Individual Crew Information coming soon!

Tracy MacLauchlan - Color Director, Animator (Roughs), Matte Painter, Voice Actor (Bystanders)

Tracy MacLauchlan is an animation BFA in her senior year at the Savannah College of Art and Design with an expected graduation date of Fall 2011.

Currently, Tracy MacLauchlan is interning as head of animation and character design for Mind Katalyst, LLC., and is excited for Summer 2011, where she’ll be in Kansas City, Missouri interning for Hallmark. Her past achievements include interning at Jantze Studios in Savannah, GA where she worked on Joe Murray’s new web series, Frog In A Suit. She is also currently excited for her own pitch project in collaboration with Yesenia Carrero, The Taffetas.

Yesenia Carrero - Graphic Designer, Matte Painter

Yesenia Carrero is a senior at the Savannah College of Art Design, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in Fall 2011.

Currently, Yesenia is interning as design lead for Mind Katalyst LLC., an up-and-coming educational company and is a freelance web-designer with over fifteen varied websites created in just the past year. She has also had her hand in creating several books over the last years including a children's book, Run Jess Run. She is also working on her pitch project alongside Tracy MacLauchlan, The Taffetas.

Amanda Christensen - Animator (Roughs)

Amelia Colvig - Animator (Roughs, Clean Up, Colors)

Ashley Sahler - Voice Actress (Larkspur)

Bryanna London

Sara Crawley - Animator (Colors)

Kelsey Shea Norden - Animator (Roughs)

    Scott Smith - Voice Actor (Cyrus, Malachi)

    Spencer Bambrick - Composer (Larkspur's theme and style)

    Monty Bess - Environmental Concept Artist

    Casey Mongillo - Voice Actor (Guile)

    Kishia Houck - Character Concept Artist

    James Jackson Leach - Producer

    Allison Sribnick - Production Assistant/Animator (Clean Up)

    Orlando Aviles - Voice Actor (Cain Pilot)

    Jon Graef - Voice Actor (Cyrus Pilot)

    Jameala Simmons - Voice Actor (Bystanders)

    Elysia Wells - Voice Actress (Bystanders)

    Zachary Zion - Animator (Roughs, Clean Up, Colors)

    Beth Castleman - Animator (Colors)

    Jamie Lewallen - Animator (Roughs)

    Melissa Gandy - Voice Actor (Rori Pilot/Bystanders) 

    Katie McGraw - Animator (Roughs), Voice Actor (Bystanders)

    Nate Kodi Wa Mwenze - Voice actor (Bystanders)

    Samantha de Graddenried - Layout Artist (Crystalin), Character Designer (Mittens)

    Robyn Haley - Layout Artist (Duero)

    Adrian Gonzalez-Roque - Layout Artist (Crystalin)

    Kate Kirby-O'Connell - Concept Artist (Props)

    Tiara Horan - Fight Choreographer

    Tyler Girvan - Fight Choreographer 

    Reed Gauthier - Animator (Roughs/Clean Up)

    Caitlin Geels - Animator (Roughs)

    Ryan Gatts - Animator (Roughs), Compositor, Motion Media, Modeler, Textures, Lighting, Particles

    Rose Moore - Animator (Clean Up)

    Stefanie Kocian - Animator (Roughs/Colors)

    Jill Dykxhoorn - Animator (Clean Up), Matte Painter

    Chrystal Giambastiani - Animator (Clean Up/Colors)

    Jason Fisher - Animator (Clean Up)

    Keane Mar - Animator (Clean Up)

    Katie Jones - Animator (Clean Up/Colors)

    Daniela Astudillo - Animator (Clean Up)

    Ashley Woodard - Animator (Clean Up/Colors)

    Megan Miller - Animator (Colors)

    Lavaida Bradford - Animator (Colors)

    Ryan Heiss - Animator (Colors)

    Beth Castleman - Animator (Colors)

    Lisa Naffziger - Animator (Colors)

    Adam Werner - Animator (Colors)

    Savanna Williams - Animator (Colors)

    Suzanne Sou Zellers - Animator (Colors)

    Zelda Vinciguerra - Animator (Special Effects)

    Alyssa Seidl - Modeler/Textures

    Amy Galletta - Animator (Clean Up), Modeler

    Britain Cramer - Modeler

    Susan "Uzi" Souza - Modeler, Textures

    Ty Coyle - Matte Painter, Voice Actor (Lukas)

    Timothy Liedel - Sound Designer

    Thomas Dahlberg - Sound Designer

    Ryan McCullough - Music Composer

    Aaron Cornette - Motion Media

    Maddy Rojo -  Animator (Colors)

    Sam Keiser -  Layouts (Duero)

    Tara Olding -  Language Consultant

    Allison Rose -  Language Consultant

    Rhandi Fisher -  Illustrator

    Sophie Alexander -  Illustrator