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Cain Strata
Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch
Voiced (in Sizzle Reel and Pitch Video) by Craig Helfer
Voiced (in Pilot Footage) by Orlando Aviles

 The hero of Fate Saga, Cain is a knight who can see the future. He is chivalrous and sees the world in black and white. Cain believes that his visions are a guide to preventing events that are not meant to happen, yet he is still just one man trying to stop fate.

Cain’s homeland, Kantarok, burned down one year before
Fate Saga begins. Cain feels responsible for its fall, and is haunted by the stigma of being a knight without a country. He fears that Duero will fall like Kantarok did, and wants to do anything he can to stop it and redeem himself.

Voiced by Ashley Sahler

A kind-hearted girl, Larkspur is a quirky but talented
musician and the love interest of Cain. In contrast
to the other cast, she lives a mostly normal life as a
citizen of Duero. Larkspur is a healer who works at
the monastery, and sings for fun at the Crystalin – the
tavern that the heroes frequent.
Larkspur is an awkward girl with social anxiety. She tries hard to overcome her fears by forcing herself to interact with people in spite of it. However, due to her nervousness Larkspur often fumbles when talking and metaphorically sticks her foot in her mouth. Her background in martial arts also comes out when she’s startled, causing her to react instantaneously and strike out at whoever frightened her – whether they were truly a threat or not. Despite her nervous demeanor, Larkspur excels at being calm during situations where most people would be expected to panic, such as medical emergencies and performances.

Guile Thantos
Voiced by Casey Mongillo
Voiced (in Pilot) by Jameala Simmons
Voiced (in Classroom Short) by Ochumilla Travieso

A squire that has turned to a life of thievery, Guile is an irresponsible but kind and loyal young man. He looks up to Cain, as Cain reminds him of his grandfather, who was a prestigious knight.

Guile is the king of terrible first impressions. He will
hit on any female in sight, with the worst pick up lines
Cain has ever heard. Often his leap-before-he-looks
approach gets him into trouble, most of which Cain
begrudgingly bails him out of (at the cost of a lecture).

Rori Alistair
Voiced by Celia Sullivan
Voiced (in Pilot) by Melissa Gandy

A were-wolf stuck in her wolf form, Rori disdains the monster she has become and is urgently searching to cure her lycanthropy. Like Guile, she is also irresponsible and morally ambiguous. She is so desperate to save herself that she is willing to do whatever it takes – regardless if it hurts others in the process. Her lack of responsibility and aggressive demeanor puts her in constant conflict with Cain.

Rori later acquires a collar with illusionary magic. At any time, she can activate the collar and cloak her wolf body with a guise of her human self. However, the spell is problematic because it is constantly trying to take into account the movement and emoting of a quadruped and reinterpret it into a biped. Rori can’t see herself without a mirror, so it is often up to Cain, Guile or Larkspur to let her know when her human illusion is doing something awkward.

Cyrus Grimm
Voiced by Scott Smith
Voiced (in Pilot) by Scott Smith and Jon Graef

A mercenary who works for Drax, Cyrus is hired to take down members of the Resistance before they can become powerful enough to start the civil war. Cyrus is insane, and enjoys his job a little too much. Often, his missions put him as the subject of Cain’s visions and the two develop a rivalry.

Cyrus is empathic. He can read and feel surface emotions from anyone in a close proximity. This can cause him to become overwhelmed in crowds or near emotional people. Cyrus loves animals for their simple emotions and his ability to make them happy with affection and caring for their basic needs. Cyrus has no concept of gender roles, or the proper way to conduct himself in public, which often causes problems and unwanted attention for his boss.

Drax Sebastian Drayton
Currently looking for permanent Voice Actor

Drax is the mayor of Duero. He and Seiron are Draken, a race that is related to the dragons and feared by others. Due to persecution, what remain of the Draken are forced into hiding. However, their future is saved when Drax discovers illusionary rings that allow them to disguise themselves as humans. With the rings, Drax founds Duero, a town that serves as the first crossroads with doors open to all races and nations. However, some of the citizens discover the Draken’s secret and form the Resistance to expose their identity.

Voiced by Steve Blum

Seiron is a gargoyle, a subspecies of the Draken. He is a gentle giant that serves as Drax’s bodyguard. When Drax first hires Cyrus, Seiron shows him their situation. Because Cyrus knows and doesn’t care about their secret, he becomes the only human that Seiron can speak candidly to. Seiron often asks Cyrus questions about humanity and believes that Cyrus automatically knows everything about human behavior. Inevitably, this mistake often gets them both in trouble.

Armand Aston
Voiced by Kevin Schon

Armand is the true villain of Fate Saga. The antithesis to Cain, Armand sees Fate not as a guide or destiny, but as a controlled experiment. He is the world’s most powerful doctor because of his alchemy and advancements in technology. His goal is to answer the hypothesis of whether it is possible to cause a man-made apocalypse.

Voiced by Steve Blum

Vektor is Armand’s right hand man, and often travels in Armand’s stead to retrieve supplies or obtain funding for the experiments. Vektor is apathetic, monotone and has little of his own independent thoughts other than logical reasoning. Vektor can’t resist orders regardless of who is issuing them, although Armand’s take precedence over anyone else.

Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Bianca is a powerful sorceress who is feared by her fellow elves for practicing the taboo of dark magic. She doesn’t care about what’s right or wrong and prefers to only focus on things she considers to be interesting and worthwhile. Bianca is intelligent, seductive and aggressive, with a terrible temper. Both she and Lukas admire Armand, but despite their intelligence and competencies, their overbearing personalities often make them more of a nuisance than a help.

Voiced by Scott Smith

Lukas is an alchemist specialized in biochemistry and DNA manipulation that works as an apprentice under Armand.  Lukas is an Archsaurian with the Dilophosaurus subspecies, who is fascinated with humanoid beings.  He uses alchemy to experiment both on himself and others.  His dew claws are a result of self-experimentation, and his body continues to change throughout the course of the series.

His mask is based off of the Bubonic Plague Doctor masks.  It serves as a representation of both his physical and mental state.  As his body changes throughout the series, it changes how well the masks fits on his face.

Malachi Maelstromm 
Voiced by Scott Smith

Malachi is a professor at the Duerian School of Gifted Youth.  He teaches the highest level class and is known to be one of the world's most powerful telepathic psychics.  He's a mild mannered, kind man who takes a fatherly role to many of the talented students, and guides them to reach their potential.
He is a friend of Larkspur's, and later becomes a mentor to Cain.

Currently looking for permanent voice actor

Cera is a 10 year old girl who rough houses like a boy and considers herself an adult.  Despite not having any magical powers, she is one of the strongest students in Malachi's class.  Cera is responsible and mature for her age, but is hot tempered and often gets in trouble for fighting.

She has issues with authority figures and gets angry quickly if she's told what to do.  Malachi is one of the few adults she listens to, and she idolizes her father and looks forward to his letters and visits, despite them being few and far between.  Cera also takes a big sister role to younger or smaller children, and can be very sweet and protective towards them.  Once in awhile, she can be caught off guard, get carried away and act like a child for a little bit.  But as soon as she realizes she's having too much fun, she goes back to the 'mature adult' she believes herself to be.