If you saw the future, could you stop it?

  Fate Saga follows the story of Cain, a knight who can see the future.  Cain's travels take him to a town called Duero, which is about to fall into a civil war.  He arrives at the town knowing nothing about its inhabitants or the brewing tension.  All he knows is that when he arrives, he starts seeing visions of terrible events and wants only to stop them and save everybody.  His heroics inevitably grants him both friends and enemies alike.  But in the end, he is still just one man trying to stop a war he knows nothing about.

The first half of the first season follows a procedural format, focusing more on introducing the viewers to Cain, the characters, their relationships, their world and magic system before introducing the plot.  The tone of the story begins to take a darker turn when Cain, along with the viewers, begin to learn more about the history of Duero and the reason behind the tension.  What begins as a single knight's quest to stop events from happening eventually escalates into a battle of fate and free will as Cain struggles to learn whether or not being able to see the future alone is enough to stop it.

Fate Saga takes place in an original world loosely based on Medieval Europe. The series has
both reinterpretations of popular mythological creatures such as dragons, were-wolves, elves
and chimeras, along with original races including Archsaurians and Draken. The world is a
Pangaea that is slowly breaking apart. The inhabitants fear that, once their land severs, they
will float off the planet. Thus, there is a lot of tension between the nations over the most stable
sections of land. This tension feeds into the possibility of a world war.